Resources for Current Residents

Resources for Current Residents

There are a number of resources available for current Smoke Rise residents:

HOA Facebook Page

The HOA has created a closed Facebook group for Smoke Rise residents to share information in our neighborhood and community that would be beneficial to all of us that live here. To access the page from the Facebook web page, type “Smoke Rise HOA and Neighborhood Watch for Smoke Rise Residents Only” in the search bar.

Residents can request to be included in the group; once the applicant is verified as living in Smoke Rise, he or she will be added to the group and then can post comments.

The Board encourages participation by all residents with their comments and questions.

HOA Meetings

General meetings of the Smoke Rise Homeowner’s Association are held quarterly at the same time and same location:

7:00 pm
Smoke Rise United Methodist Church
1395 Scenic Trail

Each meeting date will be announced in the newsletter and on the Smoke Rise Residents and HOA Facebook page.

The meeting is open to all residents. You do not have to be a member to attend.

HOA Newsletters

The HOA Newsletters insight and up-to-date information about our lovely community.  Here’s our most recent newsletter.

Use the sign-up form on the right-hand side of this page to subscribe to the HOA newsletters by email.

An archive of previous newsletters are available here.

Other Resources

Smoke Rise Sector Maps and Covenants

Links to Local Schools, Churches, and Utilities

Smoke Rise Pool Club

ISO Rating Letter

Being a Good Neighbor in Smoke Rise