What else does the SRHOA do?

What else does the SRHOA do?

Sponsors many positive community activities

  • Community garage sales
  • A Christmas float for representation in neighboring towns

Sponsors classes for the community, the costs of which are discounted for SRHA members including:

  • Hand gun classes
  • CPR classes
  • Muzzle shooter classes
  • Couponing classes

Holds quarterly community meetings to bring programs of interest and provide a forum for residents to discuss issues affecting Smoke Rise. Recent programs included:

  • Sheriff Moon – safety in Smoke Rise and increased patrols
  • District Attorney Pamela Casey – the new vicious dog law in Alabama
  • Candidates forum for Sheriff’s office and County Commission
  • Author Glenn Wills of Forgotten Alabama Facebook and book fame
  • Author Don Keith of many books and movies

Provides improvements to and maintains common areas:

  • Decorative entrances
  • Flag poles,
  • Street signs,
  • Fire hydrant markers
  • Other public safety features

Provides a liaison to the Blount County Commission, who attends the Commission meetings to represent the interests of Smoke Rise residents.

Maintains a channel of communication with Blount County officials and state political leaders to represent the needs and concerns of Smoke Rise residents.

Maintains a web site and publishes a free electronic newsletter to inform and disseminate information to Smoke Rise homeowners about things affecting our area.

Sponsors the Smoke Rise Neighborhood Watch program. This is more than just neighbors watching out the windows.  It is a dedicated liaison to the Blount County Sheriff’s Office for coordination of information to and from them, communication between neighbors through the Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, and active patrol by some members. Much of this is “behind the scenes”.  The SRHA, through the NW, provides Smoke Rise stickers to all residents for their cars so everyone will know which vehicles belong in Smoke Rise.

Smoke Rise is protected by restrictive covenants. The SRHA strives to protect those Covenants and keep them viable. The SRHA is not a police force for the covenants of Smoke Rise, but they disseminate information regarding the covenants and can act as a moderator of disputes. The SRHA will investigate reported violations, and advise those in violation of the covenants. If necessary, they will legally defend a challenge to the covenants. Protecting the covenants protects everyone’s property value.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of the SRHA reviews proposed real estate development in Smoke Rise to verify it is in compliance with the covenants covering our community. The ACC is authorized to approve or disapprove construction within Smoke Rise. This also protects our property values.

While the SRHA does a lot for the community, we could do so much more with your help. The dues for voluntary membership in the SRHA are a modest $40 per YEAR.  Help us make our community the best it can be.