Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee

Current Committee Members:

David Hunter, Chair
Alan Grostick
Barry Turner

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a committee of the Homeowner’s Association that investigates requests for new construction to verify compliance with the Smoke Rise covenants.  The guidelines for construction and property limitations in Smoke Rise are defined by the covenants for each sector. The ACC  uses these guidelines as a basis for their actions. The ACC also investigates requests for variance from the covenants. The ACC then recommends a disposition of these investigations to the SRHA Board for action.

The ACC also investigates resident complaints pertaining to violations of the covenants and other property rights matters. The SRHA is not police force for Smoke Rise, but we can disseminate information regarding the covenants and act as a moderator of disputes. If necessary, we will join a legal challenge based on the covenants.

Investigations by the ACC are thorough in scope, and include a site survey by the ACC members, verification of any property measurements that may be of concern, review of construction plans, plat surveys and any other elements required to make a judgment. If it is appropriate, as in the case of a request for variance or a complaint, pictures shall be taken to document the case.  A file containing all the documents of an investigation is maintained by the Chairman of the ACC. This file will become property of the SRHA Board of Directors.

Request for new construction
As set forth in the Covenants of Smoke Rise, the ACC has the authority to approve or disapprove a requests for construction, depending on whether the construction plan meets the requirements and stipulations of the covenants for that sector. The action of the ACC shall follow the timeline defined in the paragraph entitled PROCEDURE in the covenants.

In the case of an approval, the ACC shall issue a document indicating the approval to the property owner. A copy of that approval shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the SRHA. In the case of disapproval, the ACC shall issue a written explanation to the property owner indicating the reason for the disapproval, and a copy of that explanation shall be submitted to the SRHA Board. 

Request for Variance
The ACC shall investigate any request for variance and make a recommendation of disposition to the SRHA Board. The Board then has a responsibility to direct the ACC to grant or not grant the variance. The ACC shall not approve or disapprove a variance without a Board recommendation.

To contact the ACC, please email [email protected]