Building in Smoke Rise?

Building in Smoke Rise?


Smoke Rise is a “Restricted Community” which means it is protected by covenants. Covenants protect everyone’s property values.

There are 12 sectors in Smoke Rise, each with it’s own set of covenants. If you are planning to build a home, add to an existing home or add an accessory structure such as a garage, contact the Architectural Control Committee prior to beginning construction. The ACC can verify that the structure is permitted in the sector covenants and approve construction. Approval is required, but is also for your protection against civil liability of covenant violation. The ACC may be contacted by email at [email protected]. Here is a list of the protective covenants for Smoke Rise.


If you are installing a driveway and need a culvert, contact the District 1 County Commissioner at the Blount County Commission office at 205-625-6868. They will recommend the size of the culvert that will be required. You will be responsible for materials and installation.

Building Permits

Blount County does not currently require building permits and does not conduct building inspections or issue certificates of occupancy.

Septic Tank permits

Septic tank permits are issued by the State Health Department. The inspections are coordinated by the Blount County Health Department. They may be contacted at 205-274-2120.


The Right-of-Way for roads in Smoke Rise are 50 or 60 feet wide, depending on the particular road. Most of these are defined on the Blount County property map. Fences may be erected 30 feet from the center line of the road. Fences should not be erected in a drainage ditch.

Roads in Smoke Rise are usually centered in the right-of-way, but sometimes repaving over the years has moved the road within the right-of-way. If in doubt, get a surveyor to verify the measurements.